What is Ecofeminism

The term mother Earth is accentuating the image above. She grows from the Earth, forming the landscape from her body and soul. The image shows  her surface and the water that flows from her is home to many trees, plants, and animals forming a beautiful landscape. This image shows the true relation between women and nature, how women are traditional care givers, nurtures, and support the young and growing. Woman are built up strong and supportive, in a traditional roles when humans were still hunter-gathers, women were the care givers. They cared for the tribe while the men were on the hunt, raised the young and while performing everyday duties. Women were healers, supporters, and nurturers which is exemplified in the photo. Without the woman mountain to allow her water to flow, grass to grow, and provide a shelter the environment would surely die, it is her love, support, strength, and resilience that allows the whole environment to flourish. She gives birth to new life, supports the growing and grown, and houses the dead and dying. She is the start of life, she is the final resting place, the circle of life, the connection is beyond that of figurative language. Life does start with the women, who caries her child into the world, a connection that has been said to be difficult to explain to one who has not done it, so I won’t try. This connection is a bond difficult to break, and a connection a women feels for the child is ongoing throughout life. The life of an infant is based off entirely off of its mother to support it, the woman feeds her child, and continue to feed the child even if they themselves are malnourished. This is like nature, who even if it is hurting will continue to provide the best it can for its inhabitants. The symbolic connection between women and nature can be seen in many context throughout human history, and the connection between woman and her kin can be considered one of the most animistic connections we still experience today. Like a baby penguin in the wild, the connection is innate, the bond they share allows the mother and her child to reconnect and fin each other without the two meeting before the chick hatches.

“Ecofeminism asserts that all forms of oppression are connected and that structures of oppression must be addressed in their totality. Oppression of the natural world and of women by patriarchal power structures must be examined together or neither can be confronted fully” (Hobgood-Oster).  Ecofeminism is the is encapsulation of a series of “isms”, for example, racism, that focuses on the oppression of various group in patriarchal society. According Hobgood-Oster, the goals of ecofeminism is to challenge current structures that not only put people in different tiers of society  but actively hold select groups from advancing based on characteristics out of their control. This idea not only expresses the need to level the playing field between various groups, but the obvious exploitation of not only people but nature as well. Ecofeminism connects the idea that current society creates dualism ways of thinking, male/female, white/non-white, heaven/earth, human/animal, etc. as a way to create a structures that benefit a singular party and narrows peoples point of view. You are either for a side or against it, this methodology of thought creates not only tension between people and groups; “Ecofeminism posits that as long as any of the dualisms exist as an integral  component of societal structuring and justification, they will all continue to serve as starting points to justify patriarchy. “. This oppressive nature extends beyond the scope of human to human and into human to nature, current societies take advantage of not only of other human beings but nature and Earth as well. Ecofeminism articulates the need to not only protect one another, but the Earth  that supports us as well.

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  1. Hi Terence! I was drawn to read into your blog because I love the image you choose to relate to ecofeminism. I myself was looking at the same image and almost chose this! I enjoy how you talk about mother nature in your blog because I did as well. I believe mother nature has to be one of the most well known symbols of women especially in regards to the ecological side of things.You do a good job at breaking down the image and explaining how it is a beautiful representation of mother nature. I also like how you mention that women are generally known to be caretakers and are nurturing. Women’s nurturing definitely allow our nature to flourish and become stronger. Without a womens caring touch it is hard to say where we would all be today as humans as well as what condition the Earth and nature would be in. All the things you say that women are I felt were very true. The way you described women was very deep, it really makes their importance to nature and the environment very clear. I believe the quotes you used are very relevant. We need to confront all different forms of oppression in order truly confront and try to resolve the issues of women and nature. Women and nature both face oppression by the patriarchy system which is who we need to confront in order to make these two things less inferior. We need more equality between women/nature and men. They have dominated women and nature throughout time and this is clearly an issue. Challenging these powerful resources is important to do in order to liberate women and nature. I am glad you touched on the point of dualism and how this is how our society is trying to see the world in order to give an advantage to a certain group of people. It is very important we get away from this dualism form of thinking in order to break away from the oppression of patriarchy.

  2. Hi Terence,
    your blog was very interesting and it really engrossed me. I totally agree to what you said about the mother nature and women. You mentioned about how women were the care takers and they still are. In past, when wars use to happen, men were the ones participating in war however, women’s role was to take care and nurse the injured one. Women’s patience can be seen when they and not men are asked to pluck cotton. It’s not easy to pluck out cotton, it takes a lot of patience and so women are hired for this work. Well I don’t know about now but I studied when I was in eight grade. So yeah women are symbol of care, nurturers, loving, patience and much more. Our mother nature like trees produce fruit for humans to consume, land allows us to build, build homes, factories and all just for our own purpose, water is the most important as we need water second to survive, first obviously is oxygen which again trees are for providing us oxygen by absorbing carbon dioxide. Water is needed for almost everything.
    I really love the way you articulate the idea of the connection between nature and women. Regardless of all the things that women and mother nature do they still are being oppressed by power society. The concept of dualism is absurd. Categorizing everything into two different things like men/women, human/animals is simply devaluing the other. And it is also sad to see this when it comes to racism which like other “isms” need to be solved.

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